quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011


Olha, nunca fiquei tão arrepiada com estas coisas de sortilégio como com este app do iPhone que a Lia indicou aqui.

A “sorte” de hoje:

Three Swords


Three people may be involved in a dispute or go their separate ways.

This is a minor arcane card, however, when its energies manifest, it can seem like a major event at the time, due to its intensify and how it makes you feel.

The card symbolically shows three swords, one dripping in blood, which represents pain and distress.

Often a separation from someone occurs at this time or some kind friction or dispute.

It often feels like quite tormenting and hurtful at the time and is difficult to get through while this time lasts.

Three people may be involved in a dispute or go their separate ways, or become involved in a emotional tug of war.

However, once the anger or hurt is expressed openly and each airs their grievances, it is usually only a matter of hours or days before you feel better again and the issue may be resolved permanently, or at least for the time being, which eases the stress levels.

Sometimes, a person may need to have an operation or there is some minor injury, which usually heals quite quickly.

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